STREET SHARKS ARE BACK - Street Sharks Return with Brand New Limited Edition Figures from Mattel Creations

STREET SHARKS ARE BACK - Street Sharks Return with Brand New Limited Edition Figures from Mattel Creations

 Street sharks by Mattel Creations

Caution: Jawesome-ness Ahead!

Matte Creations have brought back a limited run of Street Sharks action figures based on the original concept art that was pitched back in the 90s from the original toy line and animation series.

Street Sharks was a animated series and toy line that run in the mid 90s and has received a cult following, not to mention a young Vin Diesel featured in the original pitch for the figures at toy shows.     

There are 3 new figure, Ripster, Karkass, and Clambo and 'The Toy Scavenger' was very happy to be one of the first to receive and unbox these new limited edition concept art figures on film. You can see that here

"Our designers dug through the archives to give three original concepts of Clambo, Karkass, and Ripster their time in the water. And the result is fin-tastic!"


In the original Art the leader of the Street Sharks was know as 'Ripley', Later this would change to Ripster, changing from light to dark and look more of a cowboy/pool player persona. While his brother 'Big Slamu' became the jock of the the crew, Ripster was initially imaged as the athlete. This new figure plays homage to the original sketch. 

Mattel say "Our lead shark, originally imagined as the lead jock and named "Ripley", wears cleats, a helmet, and sunglasses. His weapon of choice? A football missile perfect for jawesome power passes"

Ripster Street sharks by Mattel Creations


As the early character study showed, the Street sharks nemesis was always imagined as a piranha. Later the menacing figure in the original concept sketches morphed into the even more evil alter ego 'Dr Luther Paradigm'. This figure re-creates the early artwork showing echoes of Dr Piranoid.

They say "Long before he became "piranhoid," Karkass had evil in his gills. Featuring a piranha’s toothy grin and removable fish fists, this nemesis is casually dressed in sneakers and a track jacket"

Karkass Street sharks by Mattel Creations


In early concept sketches the Street Sharks military themed villian was known as Clambo which is a play on the name Rambo of course. The half-man, half-oyster know in the TV series as 'Clammando' appeared in the animation but was never actually produced as a figure until now.

"This half-man, half-mollusk is armed to the teeth and all villain. He features a camo shell, multiple blasters, and a biting sneer" is the description given by Mattel Creations.

Clambo Street sharks by Mattel Creations

These limited edition concept art action figures are brought to life from designs from Alton Takeyasu and Bill Benecke.

So far there are mixed reviews on the actual style of the figures, but one thing is for sure, the actual figures are pretty Jawesome.

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