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Here you can find Original Vintage M.A.S.K Action Figures & Vehicles by Kenner Toys from the 80s. 
Kenner Toys is well know for Action figures such as Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Batman, along with many movie figures, but they took a risk that paid off in the early 80s with the unknown line M.A.S.K which stood for Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand. Matt Trakker and is M.A.S.K Agents would do battle against a criminal organization called VENOM (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem). After its initial launch in 1985, the franchise spawned a variety of products, including four series of action figures, an animated television series, video games, and comics. Unlike other Kenner toys at the time these consisted of small figures with a mask and a vehicle that would transform into a battle ready toy when needed. Check out our M.A.S.K toys that we currently have in stock or for a Full List of Figures and Vehicles Realsed check out out M.A.S.K Cartoon Toys Checklist page
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