Last Action Hero Action Figure Checklist By Mattel

Last Action Hero Movie Action Figures were released in 1993 by Mattel Toys, they were based on the movie of the same name staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charles Dance. This is the list & checklist for those figures. In the movie Last Action Hero we see Danny a film fan transported into a fictional world of his favourite action movie with the help of a magic ticket he gets to meet Jack Slater and things will never be the same. Who doesn't want to jump into a movie sometimes, well Danny got that chance, and what a movie to jump into!

Each figure and vehicle comes with Slaters Creed: In real life, guns and violence are a BIG MISTAKE! play it smart... never play with real guns - Jack Slater -America's Toughest Cop.

Axe Swingin Ripper Axe Swingin' Ripper Hat, Cape, Axe This fiendish menace is a real cut up! underneath his cloak of doom lurks a mighty axe for chopping up anyone who crosses his path! His evil dream is to cut his way into Jack Slater's heart!
Dynamite Jack Slater Toy Figure Dynamite Jack Slater 2 Dynamite's, Bricks, I-beam 2x Dumbbells
 Evil Eye Roadster Car Evil Eye Roadster Stunt Car Vehicle The Ulimate bad sport car loaded with booby-traps & evil weapons out to destory Jack Slater! A car with a real bad attitude
LAH Evil Eye Benidict Evil Eye Benedict Action Figure- 3 Guyns, Fake eyes, Sticker, Case This sinister foe has an eye for evil and he's always up to no good! Clever and brutal, Benedict aims his gruesome gun and blasts his evil eyes upon whomever he sets his sight!
Heat Packin Jack Slater Figure Heat Packin' Jack Rocket, Back Pack
Hook Launching Danny Hook Launchin' Danny Hook, Rope, Blaster, Grapple This time it's Danny to the rescue! High atop the city Danny's hero, Jack Slater, is in trouble. With accuracy and skill, Danny hangs his hook securely, swoops up Jack and they both swing to safety!
Skull Attack Jack Figure Skull Attack Jack Dagger, Sword, Belt, Skull Jack Slater turns Hamlet into a modern day hero! "To be or not to be?" There is only one answer to that question as he hurls the wicked skull with deadly accuracy: NOT to be!
Slater's Convertible Vehicle Every criminal's "Big Mistake"! Slater's action-packed car inspired by the movie.
Undercover Jack Slater Figure Undercover Jack Handcuffs, Jacket, Badge Some situations call for a real surprise attack! Jack Slater is steady and ready with a hgeavy duty surprise hidden underneath his coat -handcuffs to keep the bad guys under control!